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Titel: Zeugnis Projektmanager auf Englisch
Beitrag von: Projektmanager am Dezember 08, 2017, 13:29:59 nachm.
Hi Alle,

könnte mir jemand bei der Bewertung meines englischen Arbeitszeugnisses helfen?

This is to certify that NAME (born 10.11.1987, nationality: German) was employed from DATE to DATE as a Project Manager at COMPANY ADDRESS.

NAME key responsibilities included, but were not limited to: 
-   Project planning, reviewing, prioritization, tracking and implementation
-   Resource planning and management of teams as well as individual team members
-   Identification, definition, tracking and review of scope, requirements, defects and changes
-   Communication of expectations to project team members and stakeholders
-   Coordination of cross-functional and multicultural teams in an international context
-   Representation of the company in front of the customer during calls and events
-   Planning and leadership of calls, web sessions, workshops and trainings
-   Usage of MS Office 365 and COMPANY software products

Whenever possible, NAME actively engaged in successfully supporting internal and customer teams in technical tasks above and beyond his primary responsibilities (e.g. delivering trainings, engaging in testing activities, translating technical documentation, configuring software, answering technical questions, etc.).

NAME overall performance in his role as a project manager was exemplary and always to our company’s fullest satisfaction. He consistently performed with very clear, thoughtful planning and developed very good solutions throughout. NAME was always open to new information and experiences and unfailingly cooperative. He is a highly competent, responsible, and independent employee with very strong interpersonal and intercultural skills, always maintaining exceptional relationships with his superiors, his teams, and customers. The reasons for his departure are of entirely personal nature.

We severely regret NAME resignation from our company and can wholeheartedly recommend him as an employee.